Reader: New DIA art could represent the Antichrist

Reader: New DIA art could represent the Antichrist

When the leaky "Mountain Mirage" water feature was removed from the middle of the terminal floor at Denver International Airport, it left a big gap -- a gap that was filled by a new piece by Juane Quick-to-See Smith and Ken Iwamasa, who had a commission to design the original Great Hall Floor before DIA opening in 1995.

Much of the art at DIA has fueled conspiracy theories, and this new piece wasted no time in doing the same with our readers:

Suggests Newsvinersynth:

The imagery on the new artwork can be viewed as an 'X'. In the world of the occult, the letter 'X' is symbolic of the slain and risen god Osiris, and by extension, also the antichrist....

And then there's this from Light Rail Tattler:

Everyone thinks the Mustang is a Denver Bronco.

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The artists say they designed the piece to look like a Navajo rug. But conspiracy theorists won't let DIA sweep this one under the rug!

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