Reader: No matter how you spell it, First Friday on Santa Fe is a serious party

Sarah Polzin piece at Side Show.
Sarah Polzin piece at Side Show.

Josiah Hesse's First Friday travels took him to both Broadway and Santa Fe, where Side Show, the gallery run by Sarah and Larry Polzin and Adam Buehler, was celebrating its first anniversary.

Side Show is located in the heart of the arts district that's grown on Santa Fe over the past ten years -- and is officially known as Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. But errors abound when people describe the area.

Says Jeff:

Of all the common, boneheaded spelling errors, the "Sante" Fe one has got to be the most obnoxious.

Just look on the freaking street sign. Or, perhaps a map, for example. Geez people, come on.

No matter what you call it, the First Friday celebration on Santa Fe is a serious party. But has it gotten too big? Post your thoughts below.

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