This house starred in Sleeper.
This house starred in Sleeper.
Photo by Patrick Young

Reader: No matter what you call it, the Sleeper house is a landmark

The Sleeper house, the Colorado home made famous by Woody Allen's 1973 film Sleeper, is among our state's most iconic buildings -- and, according to a recent Forbes list, one of America's ugliest mansions. The magazine claims "it's perfect...for aliens" -- but plenty of Coloradans love the place.

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Molly, for example, who writes:

I grew up hearing this house referred to as the Clamshell. Then I heard it called the Spaceship House. Then I heard it's "official" name was The Sculptured House. Now it's the Sleeper house? I can't keep up with all the names for this thing, but it is pretty from I-70, especially at night when it's all lit up. It's always seemed to be more of an architectural experiment than an actual functioning home, though. I think it should be allowed to be a little ugly.

See a photo spread on the Sleeper house here, and post your own thoughts below.


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