Reader: Pedestrians need to get off the Cherry Creek Bike Path

"Those B cycle riders are almost as dangerous as the spandex warriors," says Yosh, in response to Bree Davie's rant about the Cherry Creek Bike Path. This Memorial Day weekend, Denver's parks and trails will be filled with people -- many of them very hazardous to your health.

Who are the most dangerous weekend warriors? B-cycle riders? Spandex cyclists? Or...

Says Na12:

I believe the bigger issue involves the inconsiderate Soccer moms who feel that the bike path is a playground for their kids who are just learning to pedal a bike and should be in the driveway, not on a bike path. The "entitlement" seems to come more from the overweight walkers who should warn cyclists by saying something like "over fed uncoordinated pedestrian on your right". Perhaps then the path could be used for its intended purpose... Cycling! Cheers.

Is this city big enough for both cyclists and pedestrians? Post your thoughts below. Follow us on Twitter!

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