Reader: S*it video was mighty tasty

Westword writers may not have a future as filmmakers, but they do know how to capture what people say -- as evidenced by our "Shit people say" video dedicated to Denver.

Even so, we missed a few standbys.

Here's Chip's suggestion:

Waitress: "So, how's everything tasting?" ...... there is no place else I've ever heard that.

And a stream-of-consciousness contribution from strangetothepee

you going to the bronco's game or what? you wanna hit this or what? yay foo. yay bud. you going ridin' this year? totes bro. I only go to east colfax. west colfax scares the shit out of me. crackital hill?? things heard on east colfax: you straight? it's not that far, i'll just bike it. look at THAT fvcking hipster... he came to my dj night once at lost lake. I think he used to work at sputnik. are you vegan? followed by 'you wanna do a bump?' and is your purple kush organic? and finally if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes, it'll change! =-P

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