Reader: Thank You, Denver, for All the Free Events!
Jefferson Park Farm & Flea

Reader: Thank You, Denver, for All the Free Events!

Denver has plenty of fun free events this weekend, including the Denver Flea in City Park and the Jefferson Park Farm & Flea. And next month, Adult Swim will be coming to the 88 Drive In, which inspired this from Alana:

 Leave it to Denver to offer something for free. I've never met a city that is more giving to its people. Thank you Denver, for being so generous AND for bringing back drive-ins!!

But Scott takes issue with some of these bargain events:

Nothing's $10 in Denver. You can barely get outta fast food joints for $10 for a happy meal. They might be free, but every vendor in there will jack you.... Trust me, when I walk outta these places I am piss-poor broke.

What bargains have you found in Denver? Where will you be going this weekend?


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