Reader: Thanks for Giving Me My Summer Reading List!

Justin Cronin has used Colorado as a setting.
Justin Cronin has used Colorado as a setting.

Nothing Short of Dying, the first thriller by Erik Storey, the focus of this week's "Storey Time," was just released this week and is already garnering rave reviews. In a state eager for more literary stars, Storey could soon shoot to the top — not just as a Colorado author, but as an author writing about Colorado. 

Earlier this month, Teague Bohlen served up a list of the Ten Best Books Set in Colorado, which prompted this from Amy: 

Thanks for giving me my summer reading list!

 Several readers suggested other books — including Ground Zero, a zombie thriller by Nicholas Ryan, and The Wind Blows, by James Patterson. Then there's this from  Ed: 

Justin Cronin's The Passage Trilogy. Books one and two are set extensively in Colorado: Telluride/ Cherry Creek/ downtown.

And this: 

Other Colorado-based stories have been written by Brian Kaufman, a horror writer; Mario Acevedo, a fantasy writer; Leod Fitz, an urban-fantasy author; and Jason Richter, author of Mating Rituals of Migratory Humans.

Now you can add Nothing Short of Dying to that must-read list. Anything else?

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