People who live in glass houses...
People who live in glass houses...

Reader: The Audacity of Rich People in Cherry Creek Irritated by Richer, Younger People!

In his continuing tour of Denver neighborhoods — and what irritates residents of those areas — Teague Bohlen recently visited Cherry Creek and reported on what makes people who live there very, very mad. Adds Adam: 

Cherry Creek Mall is bottom of the barrel. It smells of mildew. I never thought it was anything particularly special. Please include mildew along with those lingering smells.

Desiree has bigger concerns: 

The audacity of rich, mostly white people being mad at their richer, younger brethren "homogenizing" their neighborhood?! Oh, the NERVE! This entire list is a farce, as it only lists 'inconveniences,' not socioeconomic change to an entire neighborhood in the name of 'urban renewal.' GTFOH Cherry Creek.

Adds Tay: 

Now that all of Denver is becoming rich, white and luxuriously stuck up, Cherry Creek just kinda blends in.

What do you think of the changes in Cherry Creek?


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