Reader: The Book of Mormon is going to be the hottest ticket this summer...if you're a scalper

Jumping for joy over The Book of Mormon tickets.
Jumping for joy over The Book of Mormon tickets.

People are still comparing notes on how long they tried to log on to buy tickets for The Book of Mormon when they were available for a few brief hours on Sunday, January 22. Those who gave up on technology and simply went to the ticket windows at the Denver Performing Arts Complex report better luck.

And then there's this from "The Fan2729":

Wow! Can you believe how fast all the tickets sold? I saw pictures on Twitter of people waiting for hours outside The Denver Center For The Performing Arts just for a chance to get a seat. The Book Of Mormon Denver is going to be the hottest ticket in town through the summer!

Wow! And can you guess who posted that comment? Someone who wants to sell you tickets at, which apparently snagged many, many of those very hot seats for The Book of Mormon. As for price, the site asks this: "Please let us know about how much you wish to spend on tickets of your desired type."

This would make a great episode of South Park. If Trey Parker and Matt Stone can riff on Casa Bonita, they can certainly play off a fight for tickets to their own musical.

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By the way, here's the official site for Denver Center Attractions, which is bringing the touring show.

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