Reader: Tim Tebow gave me hope...and I still believe

Tim Tebow has inspired more than sports fans. He's inspired artists, too. And the folks at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, who produced two posters of the Broncos quarterback that borrowed the imagery and words used by artist Shepard Fairey in his now-iconic depiction of Barack Obama.

Do you still hope and believe?

Says Lrizzo65:

Tim Tebow has given me inspiration and hope being a single mother of 4 with no job since last October. He's a big role model for my children especially my 8 year old son who plays sports. Antonio loves to watch Tebow and he positive attitude he has in the field and his athletic ability. He's reminded of me to get down on my knees and give God my burdens and my thanks.

Read the other entries in our comment contest to win the Tebow posters here. And after Saturday's game, we're betting the Wynkoop might still have some to sell.

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