Reader: We pros stay at home on New Year's Eve

Reader: We pros stay at home on New Year's Eve

What are you doing New Year's Eve? When we quizzed a baker's dozen of the town's cultural tastemakers for our Lucky '13, we asked them what they were planning to do tonight. As revealed in this Latest Word post, some are performing, some are snuggling with their beloved, and some don't have a clue.

But then, some of our readers have already opted out of tonight's festivities... See also: - New Year's Eve celebrations: sixteen sweet options - The ten best New Year's Eve shows in Denver

Says Steveville:

The best option is to stay at home and party. Don't go anywhere. Going out on New Year's Eve night is for amateurs. We pros stay at home.

Whatever you decide to do tonight, have a very happy new year!

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