Reader: What kind of loser would get ugly about pugs?

Opal, one of the maligned Pugs in the Park.
Opal, one of the maligned Pugs in the Park.

It was a dog day when Jef Otte wrote his assessment of Pugs in the Park, a wrinkly, drooly display that he termed "disgusting" -- but all in good fun, like the event itself.

But some readers didn't appreciate the humor. Gweber422, for example:

I encourage any pug haters to stay home next year. This event is for a good cause, not trash talk. Out of all the events that happened last weekend surely you could have found one more suitable to bash. What kind of a loser has nothing better to do except attend a fundraiser he doesn't support. Get a life.

Get a life, and get a pug -- if you can handle a real dog.

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