Reader: Where were the artists at Artopia?
Aaron Thackeray

Reader: Where were the artists at Artopia?

Saturday night's Artopia was an entertainment mashup of music, performance art, visual arts, fashion, food and other almost undefinable activities, fueled by alcohol and general high spirits. You can get a feel for the annual event in this slide show -- which inspired Found Artist to cry foul:

Ravi Zupa! This is the only photo in this whole set that has anything to do with actual art, as far as I can tell!

We count more, starting with this first photo with work from artists at Metropolitan State College, a backdrop for the MasterMind Awards, which honored five artistic explorers. Ravi Zupa, a previous MasterMind, was on hand to introduce one of this year's winners.

But we're always interested in suggestions for Artopia -- and potential MasterMind honorees. Post your ideas below.

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