Reader: Will Mike Doughty still play "World of Suck"?

Reader: Will Mike Doughty still play "World of Suck"?
Deborah Lopez

Mike Doughty, who was in town last night to talk about his life and the autobiographical The Book of Drugs, was once the leader of Soul Coughing, the New York-based art rock band that found MTV-ish success with "Super Bon Bon." Which is a song he will never, ever play again, he told Bree Davies.

And that's a shame, says one fan.

Says Mdiso26:

It sucks that he has absolutely shunned any and all Soul Coughing songs from his sets. I get that it was a rough time in his life, but some of those songs are among my favorite songs of ALL TIME. I like the solo stuff too (except for the "popped-out" crap like "Bottom of a Well"). Oh well... I wonder if he'd still play "Train to Chicago" or "World of Suck".

Look for more on Mike Doughty on Show and Tell later today.

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