That's true -- I am sexy.
That's true -- I am sexy.

Reader: "You are the problem with America today"

Captain America is awesome -- he's like a 'roided up Uncle Sam with a badass shield sworn to send Hitler to the gates of hell, and what's not awesome about that? -- but let's be honest: Captain America is some propaganda. It's not the only thing that makes the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger ridiculous, but apparently that observation alone is enough to provoke the ire of a certain political set, including this reader, who basically asserts that I'm a bad person.

I came across this site while looking for a review of the Caption America movie. I'm not sure how or why you went from a movie review to politics. But since you brought it up, you are the problem with America today. It's not because I disagree with your political beliefs, but you are disrespectful to anybody that doesn't agree with you.

Somewhere along the line, America got confused between the difference of being respectfully tolerant and shamelessly not standing up to detractors, haters, and those in our society that are simply poisonous. My suggestion to you, before you waste your life on hating others because they don't agree with you, is to look at yourself and see what you can do to be a better person.

Thanks for that suggestion, Beabetterperson, and not only do I totally agree with you but I think all others who do not agree with you are wrong and I hate them. Amidoinitright?

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