Reader: You saved me $10 and 90 minutes

Reader: You saved me $10 and 90 minutes

It's a telling fact that, in a movie that features talking animals (including a monkey that sounds like Gilbert Gottfried doing a Joan Rivers impression), the least believable conceit is how Kevin James has a really good-looking girlfriend -- but that's just one of the many fatal flaws apparent in the ridiculous trailer for Zookeeper, out last week. That the movie itself would be ridiculous we took as a given, but it seems we aided the film-going decision process of at least one reader for the better. Roy Smith gives this testimonial:

Jesus, you saved me $10 and 90 minutes! Thanks! It's Night at the Museum - but with Animals!

You're welcome, Roy, and good observation -- although we'd give Night at the Museum the edge on being worse just on account of our personal hatred for Ben Stiller.


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