Run for Your Lives will bring zombies to Denver.
Run for Your Lives will bring zombies to Denver.

Readers: Quit clowning around! Zombies are coming!

Run for your life! The zombies are coming to Colorado this summer, and the "Run for Your Lives" 5K obstacle course will have fitness freaks fighting to avoid zombies while they also fight to stay on course.

It's like The Walking Dead, but at a faster pace, Nick Lucchesi points out, and it's coming to Lakewood's Thunder Valley Motorcross Park on July 14.

Which has one Californian green with envy. Says Rory:

Can't wait for this crew to come to So Cal. As the owner of a startup, I absolutely appreciate hearing Derrick's take on how they happened upon the idea - which is brilliant. One of those things I really wish I would have thought of, especially since a group of us were getting into Tough Mudder ourselves.

Cool article. Thanks for posting.

Can your escape the zombies? Can anyone? Prepare yourself here.

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