You want to convince a kid that science is cool? Well, is there any cooler application of the intensely nerdy study of physics, aerodynamics and engineering than the intensely awesome reality of a working jetpack? Tell said kid how they’re going to get airborne in one of those puppies. That’s the idea behind the Go Fast! Jet Pack International Flight at the Children’s Museum. “The interest for us is [interesting kids in] science, technology, engineering and math, starting at a really young age,” explains Zoe Ocampo, marketing and communications manager for the museum. “This is a really neat way for kids to watch something extraordinary.” Danielle Winslow, marketing and public-relations coordinator for Go Fast, agrees. “Kids are going to love it. It’s an amazing spectacle for the whole family to see,” she says. “It tells them that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. It’s a great event for kids.”

For thirty seconds or so, pilot Eric Scott will fly the world’s most advanced personal rocket device around and over the museum, generating about as much noise as an F-16 fighter jet in the process. Afterward, he’ll sign autographs and answer questions, followed by a special story time in the museum about the jetpack and an opportunity for kids to exercise their creativity by building their own jetpacks — non-functional, one would assume — out of various recycled goods.

Take off today at 11 a.m. sharp (better come early to be safe) at the Children’s Museum, 2121 Children’s Museum Drive. The show is free; museum admission is $5.50 to $7.50. For details, visit or call 303-433-7444.
Thu., Aug. 6, 11 a.m., 2009


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