Is getting spanked losing?--or winning?
Is getting spanked losing?--or winning?

S-E-X spells naughty fun at Rooster & Moon's X-rated spelling bee

Do you know what a "Dirty Sanchez" is? How about "The Rickshaw" or "The Ambush?" Hint: all of these are sex positions, and sexy knowledge like this will come in handy for competing in the X-Rated Spelling Bee on Saturday, December 8, at Rooster & Moon. There will be sexy drinks, sexy prizes, sexy giveaways and free paddlings for misspellings: Spanks for the memories!

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Rooster & Moon, Denver.
Rooster & Moon, Denver.

"Everyone who walks in the door will receive a free Guinness Black after they share their favorite sexual position...on a name tag," says Gina Kremer, emcee for the event. "The spelling bee is limited to twenty participants and includes $400 in prizes, adult toys and free drinks. There will be crowd participation and surprise giveaways." Registration for the spelling bee will run from 8 to 9 p.m. (it's free to enter), and the bee itself will go from 9 to 11 p.m.

"I did this event in Chicago with huge success, and when I moved here, I became a regular fixture at Rooster & Moon," explains Kremer. "I mentioned it to the owners, and they were interested. I wanted to support a more local sex shop, and while the Crypt is a chain, it isn´t Pleasures or Fascinations, so I went to them first and they were in. There you have it!"

And what are these sexy prizes? All spelling bee participants receive a free drink card from Rooster & Moon and the first-place spelling bee winner will receive a Rooster & Moon dinner for two (valued at $50) and a Crypt gift certificate (valued at $40); second and third places will receive a Rooster & Moon dinner for two (valued at $50) and a $20 Crypt gift certificate.

"We are going to do some bonus giveaways and tie them into dirty terms and words and also have themed drinks," adds Kremer. "It will be a small event, as the venue only holds 100. If people get a word wrong, they may have to do a special challenge. And as the emcee, I will have a paddle on hand. How is that for a lot of runaround? Read between the lines and know that we will be having fun!"


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