Samba Happy

“We’re just trying to infuse more and more of the laid-back, fun-loving energy of Brazil into what we do every year,” says Francisco Marques, one of the organizers of Colorado Brazil Fest, “because we know the good it does for us, and we’re trying to spread it wherever we can.”

Marques and company were inspired to throw last year’s inaugural bash because they love the rhythm of the music and energy of the samba; samba music, Marques notes, has a rhythm similar to that of other catchy Latin exports, like salsa — but unlike salsa, the samba is a solo dance. “Latin rhythms are very exciting and vibrant,” he explains, “and with samba music, you can enjoy it and do your own thing. You don’t have to know the samba to go and dance your face off and sweat through your shirt.”

That’s exactly what attendees did last summer, and you can expect more of the same this time around. “Our goal is to bring this music and these art forms and dance forms to the community, because we’ve all enjoyed it so much, and we know everyone else is going to as well,” says fellow organizer Dan Curtiss.

Colorado Brazil Fest kicks off today and runs through Sunday, with dance and cultural workshops during the day and performances galore at night, featuring such noted performers as Mitchell Long, the band Ginga and many more. Activities and events take place at various Boulder locations; visit for information and tickets.
Aug. 1-4, 2013


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