Sarah Fox, Ryan Anderson, and Morgan Barnes

Michael Burnett's Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Drive, 720-904-1088) is one of the highlights of the Santa Fe Arts District. It's especially nice that it's right across the street from the area's flagship, the Sandy Carson Gallery -- though if you're tempted to jaywalk to get from one to the other, remember that you're taking your life into your hands.

Space is currently filled with what looks like a group show but is actually a trio of solos, all with self-referential titles. On the south wall of the gallery is Sarah Fox, on the north side Ryan Anderson, and in the separate gallery behind, Morgan Barnes.

Sarah Fox does retro abstracts that recall the work of the '50s and '60s in their formal aspects and in their cool and breezy palette. Her use of wonderful icy greens set off by liberal helpings of warm mustards and beiges is every bit as important as the soft geometric shapes she orchestrates.


Sarah Fox, Ryan Anderson, and Morgan Barnes

765 Santa Fe Drive


Across from the Fox paintings are those by Ryan Anderson, a young artist who does a lot of interesting work. The Andersons at Space include a couple that hark back to the work he's been showing, in which he pours lacquer onto panels, creating all-over abstractions like the convex roundel facing Space's front door, "Levitate" (pictured). In addition, Anderson is presenting experimental paintings with more controlled compositions and featuring unusual materials, such as the one with a field of clay, which references his background as a ceramics artist.

Beyond the Andersons are a handful of pieces by Morgan Barnes, a talented sculptor who attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design a few years ago. Barnes has since moved to California, a big loss for us, but he has kept his art-world connections here, as evidenced by the show at Space. The pieces on display are kinetic and have audible features that activate when the sculptures are moved. Barnes finishes the mostly steel pieces with naturalistic surfaces, including all the gorgeous brown rust he's fostered.

Sarah Fox, Ryan Anderson and Morgan Barnes run through September 9 at Space Gallery.


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