Sarah Jessica Parker is "Bitten," and Versace at Costco

Sarah Jessica Parker is "Bitten," and Versace at Costco

The new Sarah Jessica Parker line “Bitten,” which Cat’s been asked about, debuts next week – at Steve & Barry’s. Cat had never heard of this fine mall retailer, so she went to find our nearest outpost, assuming it would be in Chicago or Austin. No, my fine friends, there are four Steve & Barry’s in Colorado from which you can indulge in your Carrie Bradshaw fantasy. But none in Denver. You’ll have to trek to Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Longmont or Littleton.

The good: Each of the pieces is less than $20, and they’re supposed to fit girls up to a size 22. The bad: It looks like anything you can buy at Wal-Mart, but with a fancier label. No need to drive the extra distance for this line.

Sarah Jessica Parker is "Bitten," and Versace at Costco

Speaking of fancy labels, the trend of luxury brands dallying in low-end stores continues, this time with Versace selling plates at Costco. Sure it’s $219 for a five-piece setting, but if you compare it to one of the fashion house’s bags, which run upwards of $2,000 discounted, you could almost be convinced it’s a steal. Hell, for the price of a Donatella bag you could have settings for ten.

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