Say A Little Prayer

Eric Matelski, artist and self-proclaimed “art pimp,” is effusive when touting the Wax Burner Prayer Candle Art Show, a group-show concept first tried out in Chicago last fall and now making its second appearance here in Denver, featuring more than 120 works in all. But he was into prayer candles before they became big.

“I’m not a religious person, but I’ve always collected them because I like the images on them. And they’re a great avenue for artists to display their work,” Ma-telski says. But what he leaves unsaid is that the finished products — prayer candles hand-painted and embellished by artists — also make highly affordable art-works: Ranging in style from fine art to street, not a single piece in the show will cost more than eight dollars. And, yes, they make great funky gifts, too.

Wax Burner opens tonight from 4 to 9 p.m. at KAZE Gallery, 3245 Osage Street; works by steel sculptors Jeff Erwine and Kamber Sokulsky and glass art by Agnes Sanchez will also be on display. For details, e-mail or call 303-898-4350.
Sat., Dec. 13, 4-9 p.m., 2008


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