Scorpions, slams, and faceplants: Female snowboarders go hard

The ice ceiling in snowboarding has led to inequalities for female competitors on the Winter Dew Tour and other professional events. It has also led to a near dearth of women's parts in this season's crop of snowboarding films. That point is something Peepshow is aiming to address with its new all-female film, Winter Wars, premiering online at on January 16 and available now as a $5.99 purchase or $2.99 rental from iTunes. The Peepshow films -- Winter Wars is the followup to Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow -- feature top riders like Bryn Valaika, Claudia Avon, Colleen Quigley, Danyale Patterson, Darrah Reid-McLean and Desiree Melancon.

In at least one respect, Peepshow succeeds in proving that men and women are equal when it comes to snowboarding: As brutally illustrated in this lowlight reel from the two films, when it all goes awry, lady rippers slam just as hard as dudes. Enjoy.


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