Seats of Power

Adam Rose of Fallen Owl Tattoo shop, the recipient of Westword’s Best Good Samaritan Tattoo Joint award this year, thinks tattoo artists sometimes unfairly get a bad rap. But not Rose, who frequently hosts art auctions and fundraisers for local charities, like tonight’s Sh%ts & Giggles Charity Art Show. More than thirty tattoo artists, illustrators and painters turned toilet seats into works of art, many of them functional, for the event.

“Times are tough,” Rose says. “I can sit back and complain about nothing getting done, or I can be a part of the community and do something.” To that end, the artful thrones will be auctioned off, with a starting bid of $50 each, to benefit the Action Center, which provides essential items to distressed Colorado families. “They run everything on a shoestring,” Rose notes, “and everything goes back into the local community.”

Because of the variety of artists involved, the fancy seats are across the board in terms of style, theme and imagery, Rose says. From snake fangs and skulls to pinups and sailing ships, there’s something for everyone — not unlike a tattooer’s catalogue.

Sh%ts & Giggles silent bidding begins at 8 p.m. at Local 46, a new bar at 4586 Tennyson Street, with drink specials, live entertainment and Action Center representatives present to make the evening more interesting; the party runs until midnight. For more information, visit Fallen Owl’s Facebook events page,
Fri., Aug. 3, 8 p.m., 2012


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