Second to Nan

The world of anime (Japanese animation) is far deeper than Dragon Ball Z reruns. From the visionary science fiction of Akira and Ghost in the Shell to the noirish, surreal visions of Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and the perverse sexuality of hentai, anime is a deep and complex medium that covers as wide a spectrum of subject matter and style as any other film tradition. And whether you’re a hard-core fan or a total novice, Nan Desu Kan — the region’s biggest and best anime convention — is a great place to explore and discover what the genre has to offer.

Today through Sunday, the Tech Center Marriott, at 4900 South Syracuse Street, will host panels, cosplayers, a Rock Band competition, viewings, a performance by the Slants, and various other Japan-centric information and entertainment to delight anime fans. Tickets for the three-day convention are $50. Visit the website at for more information, including a full lineup of guests and events.
Sept. 12-14, 2008


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