Hello, nurse Doherty!
Hello, nurse Doherty!

Shannen Doherty wants you to go to Internet college with her

Television commercials are interesting things -- often, they serve the intended purpose of getting consumers to buy a product or service. But sometimes, they do one better and become a part of popular culture. If you've watched a good amount of television in the last few years, you've probably seen -- and heard -- the commercial for  Education Connection, a website devoted to matching students with the right online degree programs. Recently, Shannen Doherty was pulled in to star in Education Connection's TV spot.

Sadly, we are far from impressed -- not that we expected to be blown away by a commercial, let alone a commercial with Shannen Doherty in it. But frankly, the previous Education Connection commercial -- with the jingle and its silly, catchy guitar riff and the layered, bubble voice of a waitress-turned-student -- was so awesome! It was like a not-as-popular version of

"Bed Intruder Song"

. We even thought about ripping it from Youtube to be able to jam it in the car. Okay, maybe we wouldn't go that far.

But back to the Doherty ad -- we should give the website props for a sense of humor. Having the actress dress up as a nurse, a detective and (our favorite) a "technologist", was LOL-able, not to mention the look on Doherty's face as she green screens it up. This trademark Shannen smirk screams "what am I doing here?" And we are wondering the same thing.

But, by all means, if Shannen Doherty is now using her time to get a college degree, more power to her. Most kids seeing this commercial probably don't know who Brenda Walsh or Prue Halliwell is anyway. But hopefully, Heather Duke will live forever.


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