Shark Attack

In 1975, Jaws struck terror into the hearts of beach-going innocents across the country. But more than a century earlier, Louis Agassiz gave a scientific name to a real monster, a shark now believed to have been the biggest ever: Carcharodon megalodon. From fossils, scientists estimate the shark was up to sixty feet long — larger than a city bus.

“We’re still finding pieces of megalodon,” notes Tori Labs, spokeswoman for the Wildlife Experience Museum, which is hosting the show Megalodon: The Largest Shark That Ever Lived. “A lot of the buzz is the mystery behind the beast.” The Florida Museum of Natural History and the National Science Foundation put together this exhibit, which includes a life-sized replica of megalodon and comparisons with other sharks we think of as scary-big, like the Great White, along with explanations of what might have caused megalodon’s extinction and how shark specimens helped unlock some of the giant’s mystery.

Megalodon continues through January 2, 2012, at the Wildlife Experience Museum, 10035 South Peoria Street in Parker; for information, call 720-488-3300 or visit
May 28-Jan. 2, 2011


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