Sky on a String: A photo preview

Sky on a String: A photo preview
George Peters, Kite Roach & Mantis Man kites

"When you put something up on the wall in a gallery everybody looks at it and is puzzled and critical," explains kite-maker Melanie Walker. "But you put something up in the sky and everybody immediately is enthusiastic and looks and points and says 'Wow! Look at that!'"

Walker and her partner, George Peters, make up Airworks Studio, their outlet for creating bold, brightly-patterned aerial sculptures that fly all over the world. The kites will be on display beginning Saturday for Sky on a String, an exhibition at the Museum of Outdoor Arts that will give audiences a rare chance to see the couple's work up close and out of the sky. Here's a preview of some of the magnificent kites.

Sky on a String: A photo preview
Cervia Italy International Kite Festival 2011

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