Smoking Weed and Painting with Margaret Cho and Kevin Pereira

Puff, Pass, and Paint, a private, cannabis-meets-cocktails-and-canvas class offered every weekend in Denver, often welcomes colorful guests. This Saturday, comedians Margaret Cho and Kevin Pereira joined in the fun while filming an episode of the new TruTV show I'm So Into that highlights — you guessed it— marijuana.

Comic Cho has done plenty of TV, from her guest contributions on Fashion Police to playing Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock; PysCho, her standup tour, came to Denver earlier in the year. Pereira has a cult following of his own, hosting one of the original gaming podcasts, Pointless Audio, under the pseudonym Captain Immy; he's best known for his time spent as one of the hosts of G4's Attack of the Show.   The duo had a long day touring the best marijuana spots in Colorado, thanks to Colorado Cannabis Tours. TruTV had determined that CCT owner Michael Eymer is the man to call when you want a closer look at the marijuana industry, since he has exclusive access to some of the most mind-blowing operations in town, including the Medicine Man grow facility. On their tour, Cho and Pereira hit that grow, as well as head shops and dispensaries, then ended the day at the collaborative home and work space that is CCT's home base. If TruTV wants a look at how cannabis use has entered Colorado culture, the network didn't need to look further than this spot.
The space offers cooking classes with Jeff the 420 Chef in the larger kitchen, as well as Puff, Pass, and Paint on the third floor, in the artists' loft. Eventually, the building's owners hope to add a cannabis and Pilates class to the mix. This particular Puff, Pass and Paint class drew a crowd, since it had been getting press from major press outlets that included CNN, and the experience "lived up to the hype," according to one student.    Pereira and Cho entered in the middle of the painting class, and Cho started painted a masterpiece that proclaimed "I want wine."  Host Heidi Keyes promptly handed her a glass, and Cho filled in the space surrounding those words with dark-blue paint, explaining that she "rented it out" once she got her wine. Pereira created a super-emo painting: the word "hate" dripping with blood.

After smoking all day, Cho and Pereira were laughing and going through the artistic motions in a haze of Colorado canna-tourism overload. After painting, they went downstairs for a steak dinner prepared by Jeff the 420 Chef, with exactly 25 mg of THC for the entire meal. 

The overall focus of the evening was on the relaxed use of cannabis in any number of activities — a familiar sight in some parts of Colorado, but definitely an eye-opener for the rest of the country. Tune into the TruTV series I'm So Into later this year, and get more details from Colorado Cannabis Tours and Puff, Pass, and Paint. 

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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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