Solid Gold

"It's a little nippy to do our outside fashion show," the Fabric Lab's Tran Wills tells me when I ask why tonight's False Idols Mannequin Art Show is indoors and features inanimate objects instead of breathing models. "Plus, mannequins don't talk back like models do." She's kidding, of course (about the models, anyway). The show — an exciting and creative departure from the Lab's previous Colfax Fashion Shows — isn't even really about fashion, despite the fact that many of the featured artists (including Mike Graves, the Yummies' Ray Young Chu, Changethethought and Tran's husband and Lab co-owner Josh Wills) all design oh-so-fine art-inspired clothing.

"We wanted to get away from the whole runway fashion show for this one," adds T. Wills, who cites Munny shows and the custom-sneaker craze as inspiration for giving local artists each a white plastic mannequin form to use as a canvas. "The night is definitely going to be golden, fo' sho'." When you throw in the non-mannequin art of special guest artists J. Molina and former DKBC commish Marc Hughes (among others), the booty-shakin' beats of DJ Shannon Von Kelly, DIY magnet-making with the Magnet Mafia and free PBR, the night starts to look damn near platinum.

The Fabric Lab is at 3105 East Colfax Avenue. False Idols begins at 8 p.m., with an after-party at the neighboring Rockbar commencing at 11 p.m. Get more information at or
Sat., Dec. 9, 8-11 p.m.


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