Space Gallery hosts a trio of related shows

There's a very handsome set of three interconnected shows at Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Drive, 720-904-1088, that make up what is essentially a single group show, even if each of the artists involved is given solo status. All three work in variations of pure abstraction, where there is no apparent reference to representational imagery, and this is clearly what links them. However, each artist has developed an individual style, so you'd never confuse the work of one for either of the other's.

On the south wall and stretching into the back room is Lewis McInnis — Painting. Opposite, on the north wall, is Michael Burnett — Painting & Monoprints. And finally, throughout the gallery, with works mostly set directly on the floor, is Mark Castator — Sculpture.

McInnis is interested in patterns, and his compositions are based on a geometric organization. But he smudges the paint so that the margins are soft, as is the underlying drawing. These characteristics are seen in "Uplift" (pictured). The paintings are extremely elegant, partly because of these organizational patterns and party because of the artist's inspired and sensitive color choices.


Lewis McInnis

Burnett's paintings are more freely composed, often incorporating open oval shapes scattered randomly across the picture. But there are also tightly defined color fields divided by vertical lines. An odd if successful aspect is the implication of three-dimensionality; Burnett creates this by pouring paint into a puddle and then obscuring it and the background with another coat of paint and blending them together.

Castator does totem-like towers made from cut and welded tubular metal shapes. They have a heavy-duty quality since they're made from metal, but because he uses the open end of the cut rods to form the outside of the pieces — the solid sides are attached to one another — they simultaneously have a visual lightness. They look very good as indoor works, yet it's very easy to imagine them installed outdoors, too.

All three shows run through May 23.


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