Ten Signs That It’s Springtime in the Rockies

Ten Signs That It’s Springtime in the Rockies
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Usually at this time, we’re ready to emerge from our homes after a winter of cold and snow and ice; this year, the good weather is getting a little ho-hum. But it’s still spring, damn it. The season — and all it brings with it — has officially sprung. What that means in Colorado is mountain flowers, warmer temps and a host of Mile-High signs that the seasons are officially turning from nasty to nice...including these ten.

Ten Signs That It’s Springtime in the Rockies
Jetsandzeppelins at Flickr

10. Soaking in the Heat
Sure, we might have too much of it already, but despite all the global warming and apocalyptic-weather warnings, it sure does feel good to leave the jacket at home and head out into the sunshine, doesn’t it? We might be whistling past the environmental graveyard, but still — it’s a nice stroll. Call that deliberate denial or glass-half-full optimism, but enjoy the sun while you’re doing it.

9. Everyone Is Half-Naked in Fort Collins
Kickball leagues, weekend volleyball, day-drinking: Pick your pastime in Fort Collins parks, and enjoy the fact that the only mandatory clothing are pants. That’s right, everyone can go topless in Fort Collins now, which is probably going to be on all the town's tourism advertising from here on out.

8. Patios Are for More Than Measuring Snowfall
All over the state, patios have been relegated to photo opportunities for frozen precipitation, despite Kyle Clark’s pleas and the wisdom of bringing in your patio furniture for the season. Now we can use patios once again for their intended purpose: eating anything from a grill and drinking anything cold. Granted, we haven’t had much call for those patio pictures this season, which has stretched the creativity of weathercasters all over the state. You think you’re praying now? Talk to Kathy Sabine, who’s been running out of things to say since January.

Ten Signs That It’s Springtime in the RockiesEXPAND
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7. Music in Morrison
Red Rocks Amphitheatre opens for business again in the springtime, and the legendary venue will once again begin to host the finest in musical acts, not to mention classic movies in the Film on the Rocks series and various events, including the Easter sunrise service. Last year, the Easter tradition was canceled due to snow. This year that looks unlikely, despite all the folks praying for precipitation.

Ten Signs That It’s Springtime in the Rockies
John Hurd at Flickr

6. Baseball!
They might be the Boys of Summer, but it all starts in the spring. Training aside, the season begins in April; this year, the Rockies open their schedule in Milwaukee. It’s the time of year to take someone out to the ball game, to watch the Rockies hit the ball and touch ’em all, for peanuts and Cracker Jack (and hot dogs and beer). Oh, and for checking the schedule before you even attempt driving anywhere near the ballpark.

Keep reading for five more signs of spring.

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