Square Deal

Have you ever thought about just how many phrases involve the word “square?” Boulder artist Cha Cha has: She curated a new exhibit that opens tonight at the Boulder Public Library called Squareplay: Colorado Metal Artists, in which “the concept was to invite jewelers and artists to create pieces of art based on the square.” The creative types she invited were sent invitations with a plethora of square-themed language: I looked him squarely in the eye, fair and square, square dance, square meals, square with the facts, square roots and many others. “I just thought the concept was simple. Everyone has their own information about it, and it’s such a simple shape. I thought it would be a great unifying element.”

That said, the work Cha Cha received from the Squareplay artists is anything but monotone; there’s an array of squares in all sizes and colors. “I think the craft level is quite high, and I’m quite proud of how beautiful it looks,” she says. Squareplay hangs in the Canyon Gallery; in the corridors and hallways in the back part of the gallery, viewers will find Kevan Krasnoff Presents.... “Originally, it was supposed to be a one-man show,” explains Cha Cha. “He combined his work, work he’s collected and other artists who he’s influenced by. It’s like an installation of art.

“There are a lot of local artists,” Cha Cha adds. “What I love about Kevan is, he’s very good at bringing people together.”

Both shows stay up through September 2. The Boulder Public Library is at 1001 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. Call 303-441-3100 or visit http://boulder.lib.co.us.
July 24-Sept. 2, 2009


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