Steve Buscemi's zombie-eyed army

The prostitutes in the Coen brothers' film Fargo probably had the all-time best description of actor Steve Buscemi's bizarre face: "kinda funny-lookin'." Well, thanks to the Tumblr "Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes," we now know that the actor's funny-looking eyes look particularly creepy and hilarious when Photoshopped on the faces of attractive female celebrities.

Paris Hilton with Steve Buscemeyes.
Paris Hilton with Steve Buscemeyes.

"Pretty much just Buscemi gave me the idea by having those crazy eyes," explains Canadian Jon Lane, the Photoshop mastermind behind the tumblr. "The first one I did was Paris Hilton, and it just looked hilarious."

Lane says he experimented with putting those creepy eyes on male celebrities, but soon realized that the effect was funniest on young women. He started the blog six days ago and it's already garnered shout-outs all over the internet. "I started it in the morning and by four in the afternoon I had twenty followers, which I was really excited about," says Lane. "But when I got home after work I had 120, and when I woke up the next morning and I had thousands. It blew up literally overnight."

Nicki Minaj with Steve Buscemeyes.
Nicki Minaj with Steve Buscemeyes.

Lane has a design-related day job, which explains his killer Photoshop skills. And while he won't divulge who will be the next celebrity to be Buscemeyed, he says he takes suggestions on the blog.

"I'm just happy that people find this funny and keep letting me know that they like it," says Lane. Head over to Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes to experience this unsettling internet sensation.

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