Stiff Morals

The Victorian era is known for many things — but sexual openness isn't one of them. The reign of Queen Victoria during the latter half of the nineteenth century in England saw strict moral codes and crusades against prostitution and promiscuity, the particular target being "fallen women" who dared to have sex out of wedlock. So why in hell did those times produce some of the sexiest clothing imaginable? Chalk it up to unconscious, outward manifestations of repressed sensuality: corsets, bodices, elegant silhouettes, yards of lace and crinoline. Not to mention riding paraphernalia like high boots and long whips — which you're sure to see plenty of tonight at the Victorian Fetish Ball. The tenth annual event will bring together partiers and libertines of all shapes and sexes to witness an array of retro fetish acts, including body painting, rope bondage, burlesque and erotic ballet; headlining will be the world-famous latex fetish model RubberDoll. If certain sectors of society had their way, the Victorian era would rule today in everything but name. Don't let the prudes win: The Victorian Fetish Ball goes down at 9 p.m. at Wish Nightclub and the Diamond Cabaret, located at 1222 Glenarm Street. Admission is $10. There will be nudity, so 21 and up only, and cameras are strictly forbidden. Costumes are mandatory — but then, isn't that the whole point? For tickets and info, call 877-714-7668 or visit
Sat., Oct. 24, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2009


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