Street art: Yarnbombers hit Washington Park

We've taken admiring notice before of the local knitting fiends, such as the Ladies Fancywork Society, who are brightening up our cityscape with tags of public art and that burst of wildflowers along the tedious fencing of the Union Station project. Now the mayhem has extended to sculptor George Carlson's heroic figure in Washington Park, Early Day Miner -- which, in turn, has inspired anonymous terrorists in these parts to heights of poetic rapture.

For a larger view of the yarnbombing of Carlson's work, see below. But first you have to get through the poem:

I think that I shall never see

An historic statue as lovely as a tree

But if I were a miner, armed with pick,

I never could look more slick

Or have a life quite so rosy

As when I'm sporting my pick cozy.

The yarnbombing guerillas of Wash Park

Have rescued me from eternal dark

Added color to my bare palette

And femmed up my rock-bustin' mallet.

I'm ready now for the bitterest snow day

My manly tool swathed in crochet.

Street art: Yarnbombers hit Washington Park

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