Street Fashion: Bashi Pirasteh in Cherry Creek

Some people just stand out. Whether their style is cutting-edge, quirky or just well-executed, they make you want to know: How do they do it? Because we work for you, we're finding out, hitting the streets to talk to one person who catches our eye and makes us look twice. Today, we caught up with Bashi Pirasteh, who, besides having one of the coolest names in the game was looking sharp her winter-appropriate navy pea coat and stellar brown saddle-shoe-looking heels, unique shoes, indeed -- but they also, as Bashi told us, make her a winner.

Street Fashion: Bashi Pirasteh in Cherry Creek
Johnny Molfetta

Name: Bashi Pirasteh Occupation: Senior ITBA

Westword: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Bashi Pirasteh: I get inspiration from whatever makes me feel sexy.

WW: Where do you like to shop? BP:,, Blue and Cream, Intermix and Forever 21.

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WW: What is your favorite article of clothing that you own? BP: The one with the most shoes wins in the end. Remember that.

WW: What is your favorite winter apparel? BP: My Chloe boots.

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