Street Fashion: Brooke Howell at LOL Caricature on 16th Street

Summertime should be kaleidoscopic. The days are slow and the nights are warm and the living is lush; at the risk of sounding cliche, there's a solar saturation about this time of year that other seasons just lack. On some level, this vividness permeates damn near everything, clothing included -- especially for folks like Brooke Howell, a caricaturist whose wardrobe is vibrant as the weather and whimsical as her art.

Westword: How would you describe your sense of style?

Street Fashion: Brooke Howell at LOL Caricature on 16th Street

Howell: I look for something that is uniquely me and not just in fashion. When I see something I love, I just love it, and that's pretty rare. I'd been walking around Fusion, for instance, and I saw this skirt in the window and just fell in love with it. That's rare. I also really like color. If you can look fun and appealing and colorful, why would you not?

That sounds a lot like your drawings. Does being an artist play into the way that you dress?

The nature of my work is really fun. I like to make my work really colorful but really fun.

Tell us about your hair.

I do the color myself. Since I was 16 I've dyed my hair crazy colors. I usually don't go all out, but it like to kick it up. I'm an artist and I have the ability to do what I want -- so I figure, do it.

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