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Running late is a bitch. It's worse when you're under-dressed and a tad sweaty, which was my dilemma last week. There's a point when late turns from fashionable and sexy to stood-up, and my mark for reasonably behind schedule is 25 minutes. Racing down Larimer, I realized I had a ten-minute window to find a new dress and perfect I've-had-these-for-years earrings before hauling my sweaty self over to the Samba Room.

Thank Christ, then, for Loft 22, at 1410 Larimer Street. The stylish shop had everything I needed to appear charming and sexy for my date, who would buy me muchos mojitos later. Fortunately, my lovely Laundry dress long outlasted him, and for that I bow down to the retail goddesses running the bright boutique. It's an oasis in what is often a dark, cramped fashion wasteland.

Kelly and Brittin Asbury, who hail from Steamboat Springs, opened Loft 22 in November 2006. The space is airy and open, the fitting rooms are spacious, and the salespeople are wicked friendly and knowledgeable. From the moment you arrive, you know you're going to have the perfect shopping experience.

With designers such as BCBG, Naughty Monkey (ironically, that was my date’s name, too), Kenzie, Female, French Connection, Voom, Green Dragon, Revolver and Butterfly Dropout headlining its inventory, the store is sure to have something for everyone. "We try to accommodate everyone here," says Kelly. "We try to offer really eclectic stuff so that shoppers have a variety of choices." Prices range from $14 to $800. Another great feature is the shop’s fabulous website, The ladies inform me that you can call the store and they'll ship anything you must have directly to you. They can also special-order items that are unavailable or need to be customized (call 303-893-5010).

So next time you're running late and need to accessorize, must find the perfect gift or just want to get tipsy and go shopping, drop in to Loft 22 and spend, spend, spend!
Dec. 19-31, 2007


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