Talking Tassels

It might not seem as though burlesque and feminism have much in common, but Michelle Baldwin, Westword contributor and founder of Burlesque As It Was, has several compelling reasons why she considers burlesque a feminist activity. She'll share her thoughts tonight during Feminism & Co.: The History and Politics of Burlesque, part of a series on feminism presented at the Laboratory of Art and Ideas in Lakewood's Belmar complex. "It gave women who otherwise would have been housewives or secretaries or less the chance to be stars, even if they weren't great singers or great dancers, and they could make a lot of money at it," Baldwin says.

"Women get ogled every day on the street," she continues. "The male gaze is there whether you're standing in a strip club or standing out in the street. They're going to objectify us wherever we're standing." So why not take control of the situation?

Baldwin's talk, which begins at 6:30 p.m., will be followed by live burlesque performances featuring old-school teasers Fannie Spankings and Honey Touché. Tickets are $5 to $10; the Lab is at 404 South Upham Street. Call 303-934-1777 or visit
Thu., March 6, 2008


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