Temperature Rising, Prices Dropping at Fahrenheit's

Inveterate browsers haunting the scruffy book row on Broadway were left out in the cold when Ichabod's closed, but Fahrenheit's Books has been making things cozy again. This long-time comer at 52 Broadway, a block south of the Mayan, has blossomed from a cramped, barely navigable hole-in-the-wall to a spacious, well-lit emporium impressive in quality, selection and price. The expansion has allowed for decent display space of serious lit and fine editions as well as the city's best collection of vintage paperbacks, including ample mid-century mysteries and sci-fi and a second room stuffed with plenty of history, true crime, and other nonfiction. But recently, alas, the management announced plans to move down the street a few blocks, to a snugger location. That means a half-off sale, going on now — great news for anyone cruising for Boswell in the Modern Library edition or a reasonably priced Frederic Brown ex-library first, but a setback for anyone who just likes periodically escaping the mean street for a well-stocked bookshop. Fortunately, a few others remain, and Fahrenheit promises to rise again. — Alan Prendergast


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