Ten best Denver hipster shops

Ten best Denver hipster shops
Danielle Lirette

This week, we're covering all things hipster in Denver: best bars to run into them, best restaurants to eat with them, and now, best stores to shop with them. From do-it-yourself creative spaces, locally-made apparel, geeked-out workshops, and antique oddities, the Denver hipster scene is alive and well on all fronts.

Here are ten of Denver's best hipster-centric shops.

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Ten best Denver hipster shops

10) Fancy Tiger

55 Broadway

Fancy Tiger is one of the original hipster tastemakers on South Broadway. Since its opening in 2006, it has served as a multi-concept headquarters for local purveyors, lesser-known apparel brands, handmade jewelry, leather and paper goods, and highly-curated rotating art shows. Fancy Tiger Crafts is a go-to for all possible DIY projects, with swatches and rolls of fabric and craft tools lining the walls, plus a slew of crafting classes held in its back-of-store studio. For a departure from the ordinary shopping experience, this is a Denver staple.

Ten best Denver hipster shops

9) Ironwood

14 South Broadway

The best way to describe Ironwood's eclectic shop is as a collection of oddities: vintage shelving and armoires house all manner of succulents, rocks, gems, old (and new) books, and unusual antique finds. And every hand-picked item has a story behind it that any of the ethereal staff is happy to tell. The hipster clientele usually take their time, which is easy to do here, perusing the stacks of scientific volumes, shadowboxed insects, and dazzling jewelry case. The shop is fairly new, but it emanates old soul.

Ten best Denver hipster shops

8) Sewn

18 South Broadway


In a cluster of independently-owned South Broadway shops, SEWN is a showcase of all things handmade -- like jewelry from Phryne Metal, soaps by Clean Getaway and revamped concert t-shirts, along with items like needlepoint pillows and crocheted goods. Vintage garment racks take center stage, holding clothing made from recycled apparel of the past.

Ten best Denver hipster shops
I Heart Denver Store

7) I Heart Denver

500 16th Street Mall, 264

Amidst Denver's burgeoning arts and creative scene, the I Heart Denver store has acted as an idea incubator for many of Colorado's makers. Designed to support Denver and Colorado's creative economy and raise awareness of its many artsy offerings, 70 percent of sales go directly to the artist, providing them more capital to grow their businesses. And with more than 135 artists and designers, both locals and visitors can pick up anything from handmade journals, screen-printed wall art, homemade botanical bodycare, and one-of-a-kind furniture.

Ten best Denver hipster shops


3550 Brighton Boulevard

As if the shops, the brewery, and the restaurants at The Source weren't enough of a hipster draw already, SVPER ORDINARY, the gallery and design boutique that offers an immaculate showcase of art, books, jewelry, and locally-made products and accessories, certainly sealed the deal. When it opened earlier this month with an inaugural art show that featured new works by the Boulder-based graphic design duo Berger & Föhr, hip design enthusiasts flocked to it -- and as the shows continue, it's sure to gain even more of a following.

Ten best Denver hipster shops
Buffalo Exchange

5) Buffalo Exchange

51 Broadway

If you're looking for pre-worn gold, venture no further than the thrift superstore Buffalo Exchange, which continues to be an icon of Denver fashion. Although it got started in the '70s in Tucson, Arizona, the philosophy hasn't changed: they still buy, sell, and trade previously loved clothing and accessories that have plenty of life left in them. And the style mavens that grace the floors of Buffalo Exchange are fashion icons themselves, making it easy for the hip clientele to find inspiration.

Ten best Denver hipster shops

4) Lowbrow

250 Broadway

Lowbrow -- yet another multi-concept, art-centric South Broadway shop -- combines art supplies and a workshop with gallery and exhibition space. Whether it's fingerpainting, street art, glitter, or coloring books, Lowbrow is a one-stop DIY and inspiration draw. With lessons in graffiti lettering, indoor gardening, book binding, and stenciling, store-goers can learn from true Denver creatives, peruse works from local artists, or pick up some scented markers and a coloring book.

Ten best Denver hipster shops
Danielle Lirette

3) Concoctory

1875 South Broadway

For hipster geeks and DIY freaks, Concoctory is home. Acting as a creative space for anyone from hackers, to crafters, to electronics enthusiasts and the curious, Concoctory hosts weekday hackerspace meetups and weekend workshops ranging from lockpicking to soldering. Their retail shop is brimming with tools and DIY starter kits, as well as a 3D printer reserved by the hour. Membership available, for those who can't get enough.

Ten best Denver hipster shops

2) Coloradical

3109 East Colfax Avenue

Founder Adam Sikorski designed the original Coloradical t-shirt four years ago as another way to get his art and designs to the masses -- and when it quickly turned into a bestselling item, Coloradical became a brand of its own. Earlier this year, the first Coloradical store opened on East Colfax. It functions partly as a studio and partly as a shop, a place where Sikorski can showcase new designs and Colorado enthusiasts can come pick up some pride, from the original t-shirt to tank tops and hats.

Ten best Denver hipster shops

1) MegaFauna

3102 Blake Street

MegaFauna, the eclectic cafe, retail shop, and artist's emporium recently moved into a new location, one that is double the size of its previous space in the heart of RiNo. The sprawling space has a huge selection of local and conscious goods (like clothing and jewelry), as well as an expanded café, creative salon, and in-house screen-printing shop. That makes it even better for the loyal patrons who head in for a taste of the neighborhood's arts renaissance.