Ten best places to watch the presidential debate tonight

You might not be this close to the action, but you'll be in good company.
You might not be this close to the action, but you'll be in good company. Slide show: Obama in Colorado
Brandon Marshall

Some sports fans and barflies are going to be very unhappy tonight. That's when many of their favorite bars will switch channels from whatever game is on to the first of the three presidential debates, which will be happening right here, at the University of Denver. Those tickets are impossible to come by, but there are plenty of other places where you can gather with friends to watch the political sparks fly -- and then drown out those sparks with booze.

Bear in mind, this is not exhaustive. But does it include the best place to watch the action? That's debatable.

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10. Governor's Residence at Boettcher Mansion/Govnr's Park Tavern 400 East Eighth Avenue/672 Logan Street

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Dubbed "One Past 5: The Great Debate," this happy-hour party brings the public together with experts from Historic Denver. In keeping with the event's title, admission costs $25.01 and the event begins at 5:01 at the Governor's Residence at Boettcher Mansion; the drinks will be flowing until 7 p.m. After that, if you want to watch the actual debate, the party moves down the street to Govnr's Park Tavern. For more information and tickets, go to historicdenver.org.

9. Crimson & Gold 2017 South University Boulevard

One of DU's main watering holes, this prototypical college bar has been repainted and redecorated in anticipation of the debate, which it will be showing on televisions in the bar. Some drink specials will be available, too, including $2 Buds. But the real bonus will be watching the action just a few hundred yards from where the main event is taking place. Fair warning: You'll need to bike or walk in.

Ten best places to watch the presidential debate tonight

8. Snarf's Sub Shop 1729 East Evans Avenue

"Oh, yeah, I've been to the one in Boulder." You hear that ad infinitum if you hang around the Snarf's by DU for very long. And with good reason: The original location on Pearl Street in Boulder is damn near legendary. But it's Snarf's new location near DU that will be hosting a debate party, complete with specialty headaches-in-a-shotglass called Donkey Punch and Elephant Drunk. Never mind that the Donkey Punch is a red concoction and the Elephant Drunk is blue, confusing the two political parties' colors; just drink the dang thangs.

7. The Wildlife Experience 10035 Peoria Street, Parker

If ever you've wondered, "What would Mitt Romney look like if he were thirty feet tall?," this is the place for you. The Wildlife Experience is showing the debate on a 40-by-60-foot screen, in what it calls a "non-partisan" environment. There is a cash bar and concession stand for the kids, too. Admission is free.

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