Ten most interesting interviews of 2012: Artists, feminist scientists, comedians and queens

Sometimes, I get to interview my teenage idols. Like Patty Schemel from Hole.
Sometimes, I get to interview my teenage idols. Like Patty Schemel from Hole.

One of my favorite parts of being a reporter is getting to talk to strangers (and sometimes, friends). Even outside of assignments, I find myself interviewing waitresses, vending-machine repairmen and random people who have clearly not chosen to be in line in front of me at the grocery. This year, I came across some fascinating people -- either by the randomness of assignments or inspired by a long-time desire to get someone's story on paper -- and found that with each Q&A I did, I learned something. From pastors to musicians to scientists and wrestlers, everyone has a story to tell.

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10."Joey Terrofyn" McDougal, wrestler/owner/founder of Primos Harccore & Wrestling My initial reaction to the idea of a "Juggalo" wrestling league was skepticism. But speaking with Joey changed all of that. A man with a passion for the art of wrestling and the hardcore style, Joey "Terrofyn" McDougal explained what kind of training goes into each wrestler's career -- his own Butcher Shop in Colorado is a facility that specializes in this type of fighting -- and dispelled any myths that this was anything but a serious business. Since distancing himself and his company from the Juggalo wrestling circuit a few years ago, his events have begun to feature the clown wrestlers once again, but focus on bringing international talent to the ring. This year, McDougal also started the REVoLUCHA Lucha Libre arm of his company and headed to Mexico City himself to train.

9. Missi Kroge of the Secret Servix all-girl Scooter Club

As a true native, I love uncovering Denver lore -- especially when it happens completely by accident. In a passing conversation with my scooter-enthusiast friend Kimmy, she mentioned that once upon a time, her sister Missi had started the Secret Servix Scooter Club. Just in time for the 15th Annual Mile High Mayhem Scooter Rally this past July, I caught up with Missi Kroge and she told me all about the club's formation, the notorious Capitol Hill residence that served as its headquarters and why an all-girl club was an imperative in the '90s.

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