Ten places to ride your bike this summer

A scene from last year's Tour de Fat.
Brandon Marshall

The wheels are always turning in Denver, which just won the REI Cycling Town Showdown as the country's bike-friendliest city. Denver not only has great places to ride your bike, it also has great places to ride your bike to. Here are ten of our favorites for this summer.

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Denver Bicycle Cafe1308 East 17th Avenue

720-446-8029 Denver Bicycle Cafe is the ideal pit stop during an afternoon of bike riding around town, and even rates a spot on local comedy team the Grawlix's web series. Not only is this a chilled-out, naturally lit watering hole with both craft beers and locally roasted coffee, but it has a full-service bicycle-repair shop tucked in the back corner where you can get your two-wheeled steed repaired or tuned up while you give your legs a rest inside or on the patio. With the Denver Police Department issuing bicycle DUI citations, however, be careful that the cafe's 4-6 p.m. happy hour doesn't leave you wobbling in and out of the bike lane on your ride home.

Ten places to ride your bike this summer

Bike Pit 411 Lipan Street facebook.com/411bikepit What was formerly known as the Derailer Bicycle Collective reopened last month as the Bike Pit. Unlike most bike-repair shops, the Pit not only does its work 100 percent free of charge, but there's also a teach-to-fish ethic of instructing patrons on the anatomy of their bikes and how to go about repairing them. And if you're currently without a cycle to call your own, show up on the first Thursday of the month and build one from scratch with donated parts. There's no need to bring any tools; the Pit will provide all you need. A list of various classes and open shop times can be found on the Bike Pit's Facebook page.

The Greenway South Platte River

denver.org It's no wonder that Denver often ranks as one of the most bike-friendly cities in America: The Greenway links you to an incredible number of daytime and nighttime events throughout the city. The trail along the South Platte River stretches nearly thirty miles from end to end, and you can easily pedal yourself to Confluence Park, the Denver Performing Arts Complex or Cherry Creek. And since the downtown portion of the trail runs beneath the bustle of auto traffic along Speer Boulevard, your stress and commute time will be sliced in half while you avoid intersecting traffic and stop signs.

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