Ten things French illustrator Serge Bloch wants you to know about him

Ten things French illustrator Serge Bloch wants you to know about him

French illustrator Serge Bloch has illustrated more than 300 books, his editorial illustrations appear regularly in several newspapers around the world, and two of his book series have been turned into animated series.

Starting at 11:45 a.m Sunday, November 4, the Denver FilmCenter will be screening a series of Bloch's short films, followed by a reception at Tattered Cover Colfax, where he will be answering questions and signing books. In advance of that, here is a list of ten things Bloch would like you to know about his work.

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10. His children's series Max et Lili sells over 1.5 million copies a year.

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Written by Dominique de Saint Mars and illustrated by Bloch, this series depicts the adventures of siblings Max and Lili. It's been published in France since 1992 and deals with subjects that might be difficult for families to talk about, including religion, where babies come from, parents who argue and having a family member in prison. The series sells about 1.5 million books a year. Only a few of them have been translated into English, but the French versions could be helpful to someone trying to learn the language. Many of them can be found on Amazon.

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