Ten video games set in Colorado: Part two

Ten video games set in Colorado: Part two

Who would have thought that our humble state of Colorado could have hosted so many video games? While for many developers Colorado seems to be synonymous with little more than "snow," these games will take you everywhere from explosive recreations of '90s blockbusters to wholesome educational programs. Although few of these games will teach you about Coloradan geography, if you've ever been under attack by a North Korean army or driven through Commerce City, you'll want to keep reading...

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10. Homefront (2011, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

John Milius served as a story consultant for this modern-day, first-person shooter, but he's better known as the writer of another Colorado-set Communist shooting fantasy: Red Dawn. While Red Dawn takes place in the fictional Calumnet, Colorado, Homefront starts you out in Montrose, after the villainous North Korean army has already invaded the USA and begun dismantling God, country and apple pie. Between buckets of blood and hails of bullets, the game gets the feel of a sleepy Colorado town right, but doesn't capture much of Montrose's specifics. Particularly egregious is the sight of a White Castle: only in our wildest dreams.

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9. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts and Cabela's Big Game Hunter (2003, 2010, Xbox, PS2, PC)

Sure, you could just hunt, but why not hunt... dangerously? Both the classic Big Game Hunter and the more adrenaline-fueled Dangerous Hunts flavors of hunting games occasionally dip into the frosty Rocky Mountains to let you take a shot at exotic wildlife. In Dangerous Hunts, you're taken to fictional Glenville to face the terror, the unimaginable danger of... white-tailed deer. Despite the rabid man-eating bears promised on the box, this hum-drum Colorado hunting experience disappointed both Coloradans and hundreds of little kids at Christmas who got Dangerous Hunts in their stockings instead of SOCOM 2. "Gee, thanks, Grandma..."

8.NBA 2K Series, NBA Live 2005, NHL 98 & 2004 (All platforms)

As with Madden, MLB 2K and other sports games, the popular NBA 2K series has repeatedly shown off a Denver stadium, this time the Pepsi Center. It looks pretty good, though they don't bother to render the outside. Denver athletes have also graced the covers of a number of sports games, with Carmelo Anthony on the front of NBA Live 2005 and the Avalanche's Peter Forsberg on NHL 98. Atlanta's Dany Heatley was slated to be the cover guy for NHL 2004 until he was convicted of vehicular manslaughter in the 2003 death of teammate Dan Snyder, whereupon he was replaced by Denver's Joe Sakic.

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