The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013

The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013
Gamma Acosta

The Denver Art Museum was on a roll in 2012 and it isn't slowing down in the new year, with exhibits showcasing Georgia O'Keeffe and Nick Cave's Soundsuits on their way. At MCA Denver, the Ladies Fancywork Society will soon have its day in the sun its own exhibition. The folks at the Denver County Fair will be hoping that the third time's the charm. The Month of Photography is gearing up for another run, and the Biennial of the Americas will be back this year, too. As usual, creative people are taking advantage of D-Town's nooks and crannies, its delicious blend of high- and lowbrow concerns, and will be making new, exciting artistic statements in the new year.

All this got us thinking about where Denver's cultural scene will lead us in 2013 -- and who will be at the lead. In the story that follows are ten people -- in no particular order -- who we see leading the way this year. Who do you think will change the way we look at our town in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013
Donald Fodness

Donald Fodness: At first glance, the works of Donald Fodness -- which range from intricate drawings to full-blown assemblages and installations -- might seem like chaos personified, filled with a million unrelated things that make your mind go a little crazy, if in a good way. But in reality, every piece Fodness finishes is a well-conceived schematic of interlaced relationships between shapes and thoughts, one thing leading into another. They are funny, strange, mind-blowing and utterly original; we like to think of the artist as kind of a Bill Amundson on LSD. Over the last few years, he's had work up for the last Biennial of the Americas, as part of the Denver Art Museum's Blink! multimedia exhibition; along with sometime collaborator Alvin Gregorio, he's shown at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, among other places. And it looks like this will be another good year for him: Fodness is starting 2013 off by curating a show at Vertigo -- The Blob-(ish): Uncertain times breed uncertain forms, a group exhibition focusing on organic shapes in art (it also includes Lauri Lynnxe Murphy's first appearance here since she completed her MFA in Ohio); this summer, look for for his first solo at Plus Gallery. See also: - Apocalypse? How!, opening tomorrow night, embraces the inevitable end - The Flying O.H.N.O. Twins can explain, and will tonight at BMoCA

The arts in Denver: Ten people to watch in 2013

Mona Lucero: It's hard to imagine the local fashion world without Mona Lucero in it: While embracing the elegance of couture, she also has an artist's way of messing with that kind of style. Wear her influences on her sleeve? Absolutely, and it might be a hand-painted tribute she dreamed up in a playful moment. Lucero had her LoHi shop, Mona Lucero Design Boutique, for ten years before she finally closed it for good at Christmas; now she's headed off on a new path dotted along the way with pop-up shops for her faithful customers. The artist Mona will be more fully in charge in this new version, spending her days in the studio rather than behind a counter, and her retail presence will take to the internet and the occasional trunk show, though she's not yet sure exactly how that will all play out. The good news is that she's not going away. She's just expanding her creative universe in a positive way. See also: - Classic Style - Mona Lucero dishes on YSL and the magic of haute couture - Style Local: Mona Lucero Continue reading for more people to watch.

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