The computer mouse turns thirty: A Venn diagram

The fabric of our lives.
The fabric of our lives.

When the computer mouse in its modern form was introduced to the general exactly thirty years ago as part of the Xerox Star workstation, nobody could have predicted the extent to which it would revolutionize our existence, ushering us one step further away from the esoteric world of DOS systems and one big step closer to the world of instantly accessible pornography we inhabit today. But the mouse isn't just a thing we frequently use -- and that you are using right now -- it's the cable that connects our lives, the cursor that clicks on our most disparate activities, a shocking amount of which have to do in some way with porno. Because we are nerds, here's a Venn diagram to illustrate.

The computer mouse turns thirty: A Venn diagram

Graphic by Craig Hoggatt.

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